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Hi, I'm Andy Black

When I was 25 and without any hope in my job, God came and spoke to me re-directing my career path into something I loved to do. This was quickly followed by another encounter when both my wife and I were radically born again. Since then, the purposes of God always went hand in hand with the work I did.
The full story of this journey is described in my published book, ‘The Helper’, (Journey into purposeful work).
'Work with God' was founded in 2000 during a further spiritual encounter with God when He instructed me to,


“Take the message of Christ to the business and working community”.

Along with this came two well-defined characteristics of this ministry: His ‘presence’ would far outweigh any principles and the concept of ‘success’ was associated only with knowing Him.

My working life then started from scratch, as I was led into a world unknown to me. But it was fully known to God, so trusting Him became a vital necessity as I struggled to navigate the new terrain. The closer in relationship we became, the further I moved on, the work of the Spirit becoming everything as my own efforts continually floundered. Slowly but surely, however, my in-Christ identity was emerging.


The full story of this journey is described in my recently published book, ‘In Whose Image?’

(Finding your God-given identity at work).


We are theologically based on the person, teaching and work of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible.

The Ministry is...

 Accountable to local church oversight


Financially gift-based


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