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"In Whose Image? will lead you into action: ... life-changing, world-changing, kingdom-impacting.”

Rich Marshall - Author, God@Work and God@Rest

“...what I love most from these pages ... is Andy’s raw honesty about the tears, tribulations and triumphs

of walking by faith.”

Adam Price - Pastor, Hope Church Harrogate

In Whose Image?

Finding your heavenly identity at work

"Have you ever wondered how to spiritually navigate your workplace as a Christian? Or considered the possibility that you could grow in Christ through your job’s many challenges?


Its message is birthed out of God’s own heart which longs to see His people live and work in close relationship with Him; to reflect His image and not be a copy of the world around them."

In Whose Image by Andy Black
The Helper by Andy Black

The Helper

Journey into purposeful work

"Andy Black embarked upon a career that soon became a journey of torment that lasted for seven long years. Then one day a mysterious voice spoke into his working world, transforming him into someone filled with hope, purpose and confidence."

"A great guide for anyone seeking purpose and impact." 

Paul Manwaring, Paul Manwaring Ministries


"This book will inspire all...I heartily recommend it."

David Oliver, Author of 'Work. Prison or place of destiny?'

The Helper Workbook by Andy Black

The Helper


"This workbook will lead you on a spiritual journey of enlightenment, uncovering inlaid mysteries about the workplace and helping you to discover fresh hope, purpose and confidence. It is designed to be used whilst reading the author's autobiography, The Helper."

"My hope and prayer for you is that your working life, be it paid or unpaid, will be spiritually enhanced in the process."

Andy Black

The Helper Book and Workbook bundle by Andy Black

The Helper

Book & Workbook bundle

This shrink-wrapped book set contains both 'The Helper' (the story of Andy Black's early career) and 'The Helper Workbook' (an accompanying workbook to help you apply the principles he learned to your own career).

"This easily accessible but highly practical book is a great guide for anyone seeking purpose and impact."

Paul Manwaring

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