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We are theologically based on the person, teaching and work of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible.

‘Work with God’ ministry is passionate to see God’s people advance Christ’s kingdom through the job they are skilled to do, by working closely with Him.


Since its launch, the Work with God ministry has developed ‘faith partnerships’ in over 100 different job-types across spheres such as education, health, and manufacturing. 

Through learning to host God’s presence privately we have had the privilege of seeing Him impact lives publicly. Our business partners have grown in Christ to discover kingdom treasures like the outworking of prophetic words, godly ways of handling finance and clear business strategies.


We call them ‘Kingdom Pioneers’ and it is a joy to see them taken by God into exciting adventures with Him and dynamically impacting business as we know it.

'Work with God' has acted as facilitators for our practice and our ministry for many years and brought an additional perspective because it is very difficult to see what God is doing sometimes in your workplace when you’re in the thick of it. So, it has been very valuable to have an additional divine perspective for what’s going on, the direction of travel, and what God may be saying to the business-ministry and how it should be developing.

Doctor in General Practice

A Prophetic Word to the Global Business
and Working Community


In 2010 God gave me a prophetic word whilst reading about some Christian entrepreneurs who were helping people in other nations to build successful businesses. Their work was providing jobs and developing sustainable communities in some of the poorest places on earth. 


‘Sounds great!’ I thought. 


Yet in the next moment, God gave me a different view, saying, ‘They are reproducing after their own kind, that is, successful entrepreneurs.’ Then God reaffirmed the work He’d commissioned me to do. ‘But you are called to build the kingdom, not successful companies; that is, businesses which carry the marks of Christ, the nature of Christ, a reflection of Christ, run by people who have welcomed me in and are totally sold out for me and what I represent, including my church, whom I love.’ 


An overview of the global working community then began to unfold before me when I sensed two distinct business identities, Reproduction and Reflection. The first imitates the world’s striving for monetary success, whilst the second demonstrates the genuine image of Christ, founded upon relationship with Him. 

I saw further that the Reflection identity is currently very rare and exists in prototype form only. But over time it will fully emerge, whilst the business that compromises with the world will be shaken. Those whose foundation is Christ will stand firm and be a strong tower for their own safety and many others.

Calling all Kingdom Pioneers


Based on this prophetic word, we believe that God is currently raising up a people with the distinction of reflecting Christ, in their business practice and in the work they do, rather than reproducing (or copying) the world around them. We also believe that this reflective model will be the future of work as God intends it to be. 


If you sense that you are one of these people, these website resources are for you.
If I can help you further, please contact me 


We are not so much a product of our past, but prototypes of the future. 

A heavenly future!

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