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Idol Times

For Christians (or Kingdom Pioneers) eager to fulfil their God-given mandate to advance Christ’s kingdom through everyday work, there is something they must do: enter into spiritual warfare to defeat the idols who come!

What is an idol in today’s world?
It is anything or anyone that becomes bigger than God, our Father, in terms of the attention we give it, the emotions we lavish on it, the time we commit to it and the amount of pleasure it gives us.

If we respond to its enticement, sent by an evil spirit, we will lose our intimate relationship with God and deprive Him of our working partnership.

Some years ago, God warned me of this at the start of a season of ministry growth in our work together, saying that I could not progress unless I discerned and overcame competitors for His love in my life.

Over the next few months, the Holy Spirit began to reveal these idols that were contending for my attention, and He enabled me to tackle them one by one.

To this day, I must still recognise and defeat some of them, often on a regular basis. But as I do so, my love for God grows deeper and my ministry stronger, remaining on track for greater kingdom fruitfulness.

Three A’s to overcoming idols

1. Prioritise alignment every day with God in quiet, intimate and thankful worship.
2. Receive His daily assignment(s) for you, as you endeavour to work with Him.
3. Thank Him for the resulting achievements.

For a Deeper Alignment
Psalm 24
John 15


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