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Riding The Wave


"If we choose to live by faith, alongside God's Spirit in our jobs, we should expect to encounter circumstances that make no sense at all. Whilst we may fret and weep in our bewilderment on this journey, the hope remains that when the trial ends it will make perfect sense."

A prophetic poem declaring our alignment with Father God during such times.

Deep Calls to Deep

 He is quiet, I am quiet.
He is still, I am still.

He is at rest; I am at rest.

I am as He is.

 He rises, I rise.

He soars on high, I with Him.

He consoles the poor, I too.

He defines justice, me with Him.

 Then again, He is quiet, me too.
Together in perfect unity.
He’s not stressed, I’m not stressed.

He’s not in a hurry, and neither am I.

Quotation: 'In Whose Image?' Chapter Two: The Mysteries of God, by Andy Black
Poem by Andy Black
Bible context:
Psalm 42:7

John 15:5-8, 17:20-21



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