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The Four-Day Working Week

The business world is taking a rest on Fridays by working harder from Monday to Thursday. In May 2023 Reuters reported that staff in some businesses were striving to boost productivity so they can take Fridays off and still get a full week’s pay. One company has "smashed through their targets since switching to the shorter week". This strategy has "drawn interest from economists and businesses keen to find a solution to a slowdown in productivity growth in Britain and other Western economies." This policy is working in some companies who report of a happier workforce, full of energy to make it happen.

High productivity and happy staff are good news for the world that uses these two criteria to measure (short term) success. But now let’s focus on heaven’s perspective where ‘success starts with knowing Jesus’.


As usual, kingdom culture is the complete reverse of the world’s, so that the four-day working week of the Faith Pioneer puts God first and looks like this,

Taking a rest in joyous fellowship with God on Mondays,
then seeing kingdom productivity from Tuesday to Friday.
Here, leisure is not the reward; Christ’s Kingdom is!

‘"Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness,
and all these things will be given to you as well."
(Matthew 6:33)

This way of working builds a one-day foundation for kingdom work every week
and has been my life for over twenty years.

The hour that became a day, that became a lifestyle
It started one day when God invited me to seek Him out of love, not need. I knew this word was of vital importance in what God was doing in my working life, so I made an agreement with Him to do exactly as He instructed. From then onwards I arose one hour earlier each day, sat in my lounge and waited on the Lord, to seek Him in love, not need. Sometimes I would feel His presence, other times not, but I persevered in the knowledge of its great significance, and over time my perspective and spiritual sense of the working day, week and indeed my whole life, began to shift from mine to His, as that hour turned into a whole day (Monday).

What was God doing?
He was building the foundation for a kingdom work that was going to endure
and produce eternal fruit, with intimacy at its heart.

And what was my response?
A vow of commitment that I’ve never regretted!

And what is your response today?

‘In Whose Image?’ by Andy Black


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