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God at work with woman working from home

Connecting with God at work

Is your business practice a copy of the world or a reflection of Christ? 

Welcome to the future of work!

Work was never meant to be a place where we simply earn a living. We work with God to advance Christ's Kingdom in the sphere of work and business. If you feel called to do the same, these ‘Work with God’ resources are for you.

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 This month we cover:

‘The Work with God story

A UCB podcast interview.

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In Whose Image?

Finding your heavenly identity at work

"Have you ever wondered how to spiritually navigate your workplace as a Christian? Or considered the possibility that you could grow in Christ through your job’s many challenges?


Its message is birthed out of God’s own heart which longs to see His people live and work in close relationship with Him; to reflect His image and not be a copy of the world around them."

“A wonderful book that will impact many! It speaks to the heart.”
“Absolutely gripping and inspiring to read.”
“Compelling, personal and yet so impacting.”
“Very encouraging and well written.”
“Helping ordinary people live extra-ordinary lives at work."

Ministry leader

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