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Beyond Ourselves


The immense challenge of changing our mindsets from working for God’s blessing, to partnering with Him in what He is doing takes many years of intimate application with God.

With this faith journey comes huge cultural implications in the way we think and behave as we shift from copying the world’s ways to growing into the image of Christ through partnering with Him in our working lives. As we do so, the frame of reference becomes heavenly, not earthly. This is a most difficult transformation to make, yet possible for those called by God and who act faithfully towards the visionary promise He imparts.

Abraham is a great role model for us. We can view him as our pioneering father of faith, who was the very first person to achieve this great feat of metamorphic change. Here is scripture's description,

"The fulfillment of God’s promise depends entirely on trusting God and his way,
and then simply embracing him and what he does."
(Romans 4.16 MSG)


Abram became Abraham and with this new God-given identity,
he lived on the edge between heaven and earth...
1. Beyond himself
2. Past the bounds of possibility
3. Achieving things only God can do


"For a person to gain a kingdom identity they must allow God to uproot them from the soil (or culture) of the world and be replanted in Christ, to discover all they truly are as a son/daughter of Father God. My own long adventure took me beyond anything I’d ever dreamed of and into a work identity I’d never heard of."
('In Whose Image?'. Page 59)

Copies of 'In Whose Image?' by Andy Black can be purchased here


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