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There Must Be More Than This!

Workplace culture expects us to be subservient to its system expectations.
But, as children of God, our true identity is determined only by our Father in heaven. 
Such is the 'frontline' challenge for born-again, marketplace believers!

In the distant past God laid out an incredible plan for His children: to enter a land rich in work opportunities. He sent some of them in to explore it but despite the backing of His promise of success, the vast majority were terrified and refused to go back in to claim what was rightfully theirs.
But why?
Because they saw themselves as less than God saw them. It was a tragic mistake and cost them dearly!

We are no different today. Like them, we have choices to make at work all day long, to please God, or please the system, and whom we believe we are will make all the difference.

'For as a man thinks within himself, so he is.'
(Proverbs 23:7 NASB)

So, how can we know our true identity?

Well, it all boils down to our walk of faith.

Time to use your imagination!

Imagine having a mirror on earth and then a 'mirror of faith' in heaven. 
On earth we look in the mirror and see ourselves as earth sees us: grasshoppers!

In heaven we look into the 'mirror of faith' and we see mighty men and women of God - the image that our Father sees us becoming, as we grow into Christ's likeness.

What's happened?
Faith has opened our eyes to God's higher reality: our identity as children of God and therefore citizens of the awesome, holy kingdom of heaven. 

Now we must work with Him in order to become these people, resisting the world, which demands that we conform to its image, and not the likeness of Christ. The battle is on, but don't worry, for Jesus has secured our victory.

This is just how Joshua and Caleb believed God's promise and were not afraid of the systems people, referred to as ‘giants’ by those in fear. They were men of faith, knowing exactly who they were, because they had 'looked into the mirror of heaven'. 

You ask...
Is there more than this?
Yes, child of God!
A great deal more, and your Father is waiting for you to look into your faith mirror today!

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